Cam Grinding or Replacement Camshafts
Forklifts, dozers, CAT equipment and other industrial workhorses

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The lowly forklift is the unsung hero of the warehouse. CAT equipment and other dozers and construction equipment are the unsung heros of the construction trade. These versatile industrial workhorses perform tirelessly and reliably. And, it's just good business sense to keep them operating for as long as possible for maximum return on investment. When it comes time to rebuild your hardworking machine, Oregon Cam Grinding can help your bottom line by remanufacturing your old camshafts to like-new performance levels. Whether your industrial workhorse is big or small, we'll provide you with the most cost-efficient camshaft solution to your engine rebuilding effort. Whether your workhorse is a forklift, CAT, dozer, excavator, wheel loader, scraper, grader, DitchWitch or Bobcat - we've got the expertise to handle all of them.

camshafts for CAT equipment

We've got the CAMSHAFT solution for your application:

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We've got the PERFORMANCE solution for your application:

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Oregon Cam Grinding is located in Vancouver, Washington, near Portland, Oregon in the scenic Pacific Northwest. We provide camshaft grinding services as well as supplying new and reconditioned cams, including performance camshafts. As a manufacturer and distributor, we can meet your camshaft needs. Whether you need a performance camshaft, racing camshaft, competition camshaft or a cam for a Chevy, Ford, Honda or other make of car or truck, we can help. We even perform camshaft grinding for large industrial and locomotive applications. And, we offer a line of performance and racing parts, including Series 9000 steel cranks, Eagle rods, aluminum cylinder heads, roller cams, lifters, connecting rods, pistons and more. We are proud suppliers of Eagle Specialties products, including performance items for small and large block Chevrolet.